If you have lived with your spouse in another European country outside the UK, you may also be eligible via the “Surinder Singh” route instead of a conventional licence. It is possible to upgrade to the joint visa category, provided you do not have leave as a visitor or leave for 6 months or less (with the exception of fiancĂ© visas, which are granted for 6 months but allow you to switch to the spouse`s route). By working with us, you can be sure that your interests will be protected and that the visa application process will run smoothly. We work hard and strive to achieve the best possible results. Read our spousal visa success stories here. Our team provides expert legal advice and representation for those applying for a UK family visa as a partner or spouse, and we have a strong track record of successful applications. This visa is initially issued for six months. Once married, you will need to switch to the British marriage visa. If you are not married during this period, there are very limited circumstances that the Home Office will take into account to allow an extension.

Once you notify them, they will issue a shortening spouse visa to notify the end of your relationship. There may be opportunities to switch to another visa category and stay in the UK, but it is important to act quickly. To apply for an ILR spouse visa, you must meet various eligibility criteria. These include a residency requirement, a financial requirement, a residency requirement, and the KoLL requirement. If you and your partner want to get married or enter into a civil partnership registered in the UK, but do not intend to live here, they can come to the UK on another type of visa called a wedding visitor visa. This means that they have to leave the UK after 6 months. Check how to get a wedding visitor visa on GOV.UK. Yes, as long as you meet the requirements, you should be able to extend your visa by 30 months (2.5 years). You must extend your visa at least once to meet your 60-month (5-year) waiting period to settle as a partner or spouse. You may also need to renew if you do not fully meet the establishment requirements after 5 years, such as: if you are not yet able to speak the required level for the establishment or if you do not pass the Life in the UK test. For the duration of your visa, you can live and work in the UK (unless you are allowed to enter and stay as a fiancé or proposed partner). You won`t be able to access public funds during a spouse visa, but you will have access to the NHS because you paid the immigration health supplement as part of your visa application.

Although you are allowed to travel abroad, you must stay continuously with your partner in the UK to qualify for a holiday extension/ILR after 60 months. You must keep proof of cohabitation from the date of issuance of your visa, such as invoices, bank statements and other official letters and correspondence addressed to you and your partner in your common home. If you are a US citizen applying for a spouse visa, your approval is valid for 33 months if you are applying from outside the UK. If you are applying from the UK, your visa is valid for 30 months. Finally, you may be eligible to get a permanent residence permit and then apply for British citizenship. Qualification criteria vary depending on your partner`s situation. You will need to apply for a UK partner visa if you are coming to the UK from outside the European Economic Area to join your partner or spouse. If you have applied as a family member and obtained family member status, your partner and their children will not be able to apply for a family visa or apply for the EU settlement system. If you have already joined your spouse or partner in the UK, you can apply to switch to a marriage visa of another immigration category. Henrik`s partner applies for visas for her and her child to come to the UK. Henrik gets PIP.

After submitting your ILR spouse visa application, it can take up to six months for you to receive a decision from the Home Office, although you can stay in the UK until the result is announced, as long as your application has been submitted on time. Unlike most visa routes, partner visas do not have specific residency requirements or prescribed restrictions on the number of days of absence from the UK. It is also important to ensure that you submit all necessary documents to support your ILR spouse visa application, as your application may also be rejected due to missing or incomplete documents. If your partner applies for a partner visa, you will be designated as a “sponsor”. When they apply for visas for their children, you are also the godfather of the children. Yes, you are allowed to work or study in the UK once the visa is granted. The most difficult requirement for a spouse visa is to provide the required evidence if the applicant`s partner is the director of a UK company, as detailed evidence is required. After 5 years in the UK on a spouse visa, you can apply for ILR.

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