Drew will provide overall oversight of Volant Oil Tools (US) Inc.`s operations on the Gulf Coast and Permian Basin. He is responsible for driving growth by ensuring that tool rental, training, and comprehensive after-sales products and services are available to serve the company`s U.S. customer base. I ended up getting a job with the Securities and Exchange Commission in their Office of Compliance Inspections and Reviews, Office of the Chief Counsel. We have supervised auditors who have gone out into the field to investigate various regulated entities. After that, I took my first semi-internal position at the International Securities Exchange (ISE) – the first electronic options exchange. I was living in Washington, D.C. at the time, but moved to New York for work at ISE. Ironically, ISE was bought by the NASDAQ during the year and their plan was to move everyone to their Philadelphia office. Luckily, Volant was looking for a CCO and consultant at the time, as my family wasn`t ready to move again. During the interview with Volant, I was frank and let them know that I had never been CCO before, but that I felt I had the foundation to succeed, and they agreed. I had to take series 7 and 24 before winning this title, but I was able to get started.

Mr. Sanocki has over 10 years of legal and regulatory experience. Currently, Mr. Sanocki is CCO and General Counsel of Volant. He develops supervisory procedures, trains employees on compliance and regulatory issues, responds to regulatory requests, advises on rules and regulations, develops the monitoring of the company`s trading activities and advises on day-to-day legal issues. Previously, Mr. Sanocki was Associate General Counsel at the International Securities Exchange (“ISE”), a U.S. corporation. Options Exchange, where he drafted trade rule filings and worked with the ISE and FINRA watchdog group to sanction member firms for violating exchange rules. Michael: I would say two things, especially given the stay-at-home order: The Netflix TV shows that came out (even though I haven`t been able to watch them since my son was born) have been fun to sit down with my wife and binge-watch. I`m also addicted to our platoon. We attend classes and try to beat our personal bests, but these workouts are harder and more fun than I expected.

Dean provides leadership and advice for sales, marketing and operations such as; Manufacturing, delivery, field service and VOT (US) by contributing to the development and implementation of strategic initiatives. He oversees the company`s operations and designs business processes to ensure efficiency, quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Product liability attorneys in cities near Volant, PA Michael: I didn`t have a compliance career in mind until I joined Volant Trading. After my undergraduate studies, I went to law school and quickly realized that I loved law, but I also wanted to be an integral part of business conversations. Ultimately, I turned my law degree into a joint JD/MBA, and my first job was at a law firm called Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, which represented broker-dealers and hedge funds in various regulatory and court proceedings. After about 3.5 years of working there, I decided to find out what it would be like to work for a regulator. You need to work with the company to implement their ideas as compliant as possible. For each idea, there are different iterations you can go through, and it`s your job to help them choose the compatible option without sacrificing the result. Sometimes there is no clear regulation and it is your job to say, “This is the level of risk I see here,” and it is up to the company to say, “Okay, we are willing to accept this risk” or not, but it is really important to quantify that risk when you are working with the company.

In these situations, we will also contact regulators to see if they are providing advice. What are some of the things you personally do to stay on top? Volant is led and supported by a team of diverse, respected and passionate leaders who know there are safer, easier and more productive ways to develop our energy resources. Their shared commitment to innovation, quality, safety and collaboration keeps Volant one step ahead for all our customers around the world. Michael: It`s already happening. Volant recently passed an exam. Before I arrived, the company did manual checks, but this is simply no longer acceptable as trading is almost entirely electronic. Regulators know that it is very difficult to verify this type of trading activity, so they want to know that you have monitoring models to generate alerts for manipulative trading. Everything is going in this direction to improve business and compliance. We go to great lengths to keep up with new vendors who have developed the best software and use machine learning, or we build them in-house based on the elevator.

Flying, PA Product Liability Lawyers (Township of Cranberry) Steve provides leadership and advice to hardware, software and electronic solutions delivery groups. His expertise comes from more than 20 years of experience in automating, controlling and digitizing drilling in the oil and gas industry. Steve`s team is responsible for developing, integrating, maintaining and supporting Volant`s digital solutions that enable customers to optimize well construction decisions and improve overall well integrity. Bill spent the first 17 years of his career as a geotechnical consultant, working primarily on hydrocarbon and mineral resource development projects.

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