Youtube users often use downloaders or converters to extract videos from the website and convert them to MP3 audio format. Has anyone been charged for using any of these YouTube to MP3 services for personal use? I have yet to see any evidence that anyone has been accused of downloading videos to MP3 for personal use. That doesn`t make it legal, but it`s food for thought for you who take risks. Using a YouTube Premium account is the safest way to download YouTube audio to your Mac and upload it to iTunes. You can download the YouTube app on your Mac for faster storage options. If you want to install YouTube video in MP3 app on your Mac, iTube is a safe app. Ready to listen to music, podcasts and live streams recorded offline? Download YouTube audio in just a few clicks using the above methods to enjoy your favorite content without an internet connection. With the downloaded YouTube audio app, users can download YouTube music for free with just a few clicks. Once you open the app on your Android device, enter the keywords related to your favorite audio in the search bar and then download the audio file. However, when I heard it, something came to mind. Is it really legal?!? By digging a little deeper into YouTube, you can find many videos that fall into one of the above categories. Keep in mind that uploading the videos still violates YouTube`s terms of service, but it`s not a criminal offense. Technically, it`s not illegal to convert Youtube video to MP3 – but it`s illegal to download copyrighted music video.

Want to download YouTube audio files for free? Convert YouTube videos to MP3 files so you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or creators without the need for an internet connection, or add royalty-free background music to your videos. If you are looking for easy ways to download YouTube audio to your Android device, VidPaw app can help you. However, there is a page on the website where you can download some titles for free. Just go to the bottom of the homepage and click on Free Music Downloads in the “Goodies” section. However, there`s no way to filter tracks, so you may need to keep searching and listening until you find something you like. Just copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the search bar and save the YouTube MP3 file to your computer. These YouTube audio downloaders are available for both desktop and mobile devices. Again, it is legal to download a converted Youtube video to MP3, it simply violates their terms of service.

We recommend using one of these free online tools to download audio from a video to your computer: If you violate the Terms of Service, YouTube may take legal action against you. Anything between a civil lawsuit and a ban could be part of the outcome. However, there are no recorded cases where YouTube takes civil action against people who have uploaded content. According to YouTube, the “stream ripping” action is a violation of their terms and conditions, but they haven`t prosecuted anyone for it. However, the music you will find in the Live Music Archive section comes from artists who have expressly chosen to make it available for non-commercial purposes. That means you can listen to it for free or download it, but you can`t use it in a project that makes you money. As you can see, most of these steps are free and easy to follow. Use one of these six legal ways to download music from YouTube and listen to your favorite songs or newly discovered songs on the go. Cost: Some tracks can be downloaded for free; SoundCloud GO for $5/month; SoundCloud GO+ for $10/mo Here are 10 often-mentioned websites and apps for free music. Most of them allow you to download at least music for free, but some require you to pay to download certain songs or use them in certain ways. Yes. It`s legal to download audio from YouTube when you purchase a YouTube Premium membership.

You can also legally download royalty-free music from YouTube Studio. Downloading audio files with an MP3 converter is not illegal, but it is illegal to download copyrighted music. If you are a classical music fan, then Musopen is a website you must visit. Not only does it offer over 100,000 free downloadable recordings of classical pieces, but it also offers free sheet music and other musical educational resources if you want to learn how to play music yourself! It even has a number of free apps that let you listen to the Musopen library on the go (we`ve provided links to it), track and support instrument-playing exercises, or even run a music tutoring business! Although this method requires you to pay a fixed amount each month, it is the easiest and most legal way to download and enjoy your favorite music and videos from YouTube. When you convert videos from Youtube to mp3, make sure that the video or music video you download is not protected by copyright, as it is illegal to download copyrighted music without purchasing it. Although this method violates YouTube`s terms of service, it is not illegal. You might boast, “I have a large collection of downloaded YouTube videos stored on my hard drive for personal use and I use tools to convert music videos to MP3 all the time.” Well, this could be a common practice among users and Google doesn`t prosecute any users for doing the same, but that doesn`t mean it`s legal to go into the download frenzy for every video on the platform. Just use YouTube`s built-in offline monitoring option if you want to use the offline audio option OR use one of the methods that allows you to listen to audio when your screen is off. SoundCloud is another website where you can stream, comment, and download tracks for free. Most of them come from independent creators (many of whom are rappers), but some mainstream artists — like Drake — also publish some of their music on SoundCloud. You can also find podcasts on SoundCloud that you can`t find on other websites.

However, not all tracks are available for free or cannot be downloaded. Then there are Creative Commons licensed videos that you can download, edit or reuse. Let`s say I`m looking for panda video clips on YouTube and want to use them in another video. To do this, I need to do a search and select the Creative Commons license from the filter menu. You can also see this attribution directly under a video. Yes, there are cases when using a YouTube downloader is completely legal. Some YouTube videos do not have copyright laws or copyright laws grant you the right to reproduce the video. Launch the website in your iPhone`s browser, copy and paste the YouTube audio URL into the search bar, and then click Download as MP3. Although YouTube prohibits downloading videos from its website, it is not necessarily illegal.

Therefore, uploading TV series, movies, sports clips or other copyrighted content to YouTube is illegal. There is a risk that you will be subject to criminal prosecution. The situation is the same in the United Kingdom and in the European Union. If you`re like me, you`ve probably listened to the same YouTube videos over and over again. A YouTube to MP3 converter allows you to extract audio from any YouTube URL and save it for your own offline use. Many people use third-party tools to download YouTube videos – but is it legal to do so? In short, you could cross the illegal border without knowing it. And since Google hasn`t targeted individual users in the past, it can be common to do so. In this article, I had simply tried to make you aware of the technical details in simple terms, and my advice would be to use legal means to view and download content. It`s both safe and ethical. We`ve found that uploading videos means you`re still violating YouTube`s Terms of Service. We also know that you are breaking the law if you upload copyrighted content.

But are there times when it is legal to download YouTube videos? As mentioned earlier, you can still just stream music via videos to YouTube without downloading them and you avoid breaking the law. But there is actually a way to download some music from YouTube that won`t get you into legal trouble! YouTube to MP3 was a relatively safe site in itself, but some of the ads (especially the pop-ups) on the site were less so. This is often the case with websites that push (or exceed) the boundaries of what is legal. It may seem pretty obvious that YouTube will try to prevent users and websites from downloading the videos, but the company hasn`t shown much interest in the past. In the event that you otherwise invite problems, you would claim that your download is protected by copyright under “fair dealing”. However, we advise you to stay out of trouble. Cost: Free; $55/year allows for unlimited daily downloads and HD/lossless sound That`s probably why we haven`t heard any new lawsuits from YouTube against the operators of the tools. It seems that the company has decided that the difficulty of creating legally watertight cases against sites is more difficult than valid. In the United States, copyright law states that it is illegal to make a copy of content unless you have permission from the copyright owner. Before answering the “should” part, I want to address the “may” part.

Yes, you “can” download YouTube videos in different ways. We even have an article on the same topic. But is it legal to download “any” video from YouTube? However, due to copyright and regional restrictions, the download button is grayed out on some videos. So you can`t download such videos. The YouTube Terms of Service state that you are expected to access content for personal use, as permitted by YouTube`s Terms of Service. For the download part, YouTube says specifically: This is especially useful for those who are constantly on the go and need music to pass the time. You no longer need paid music streaming apps or expensive monthly subscriptions. You can simply download your favorite songs from YouTube without paying a dime.

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